Why Home Cooks Love BIGGS Ready-To-Cook Meals

Why Home Cooks Love BIGGS Ready-To-Cook Meals 

For many, 2020 was a year spent learning how to make great meals at home. Plenty of eager home cooks missed eating at restaurants, so they aimed to recreate the same level of food themselves. However, this was easier said than done. Most restaurants perfected their signature dishes over years, sometimes decades, of research and development. 


why people love biggs ready to cook coz it's easy


There were only two ways to achieve restaurant-quality food at home. Either you were an experienced cook (which few are) who can make delicious, restaurant-quality meals from scratch, or you just bought ready-to-cook meals from established restaurants. Most people fell under the latter category. This led to the increased popularity of brands like  BIGGS Ready-To-Cook meals.


To the uninitiated, BIGGS may seem like a new player in this category. These people would be half-right; BIGGS is a fairly new player in the space of ready-to-cook meals. 


However, they are far from newbies in the restaurant business. With 38 years of operations under their belt,  BIGGS is a certified icon in the Bicol region. Most of their devoted customers have grown up with the brand. In fact, celebrations like birthdays, baptisms or graduations at BIGGS are part of the local tradition. Ask any Bicolano if they know BIGGS, and they would not only say yes, but also mention their favorite orders.


Serving Comfort Food Classics


BIGGS serves a lot of comfort food classics, but they are most famous for their Ribs. It’s the best-seller among their 19 restaurants and over 50 supermarkets in Bicol and Metro Manila. This signature dish has been available online for over 10 months now, and it’s proven to be a big hit among home cooks of all levels. 


After all, barbecued Ribs can be a tricky, time-consuming dish to make at home. It requires skill and considerable prep work to get right. And who wants to mess up such a great cut of pork? No one!


With  BIGGS Ready-To-Cook ribs, enjoying a comforting meal is a lot more convenient than making it from scratch. Not only can you get it delivered to your door, you can go straight to cooking it as it’s already pre-marinated. 


BIGGS’ juicy, savory  ribs can be cooked in 4 ways. You can grill it over charcoal, braise it in a pan over a stove, bake it inside an oven, or just blast it through a microwave if you’re really pressed for time. Watch this short  video for the complete instructions and try not to order some immediately after.




This versatility in preparation is why  BIGGS Ready-To-Cook Ribs is gaining more and more fans everyday. Even celebrity superdad Doug Kramer has posted stories of him cooking BIGGS meals for his family. He’s just one of the many new BIGGS fans who’ve discovered how easy it is to make restaurant-grade food at home. 


More than Just Ribs


Of course, BIGGS offers more than just their signature ribs. Poultry lovers swear by their juicy,  Honey-Glazed Chicken Ham. Kids of all ages can’t get enough of their cheesy, meaty  Pork Cordon Bleu. Like the Ribs, both dishes can be prepared in a variety of ways, making them a delicious, time-saving option for busy parents. 


BIGGS also offers party-sized Classic Barbecue bundles for your gatherings. Their  Grill Party Pack serves 6-8 people, and includes 6 pieces of their famous Ribs and 12 sticks of their Classic Pork Barbecue. It’s a great option for those who want delicious grilled meats, minus a lot of the hassle. Now add some ice-cold beers and your favorite party music, and your outdoor barbecues will definitely feel a lot like the old times. 


But what if you live alone and just want a quick, delicious meal? Well, BIGGS offers smaller packs too. You can get the  Ribs in a 1-piece or in a 2-piece pack. They’re perfect for weekday dinners, or even as pulutan for e-numan sessions. 


And if you’re not a fan of Ribs, BIGGS also carries breakfast favorites like NY Franks and  Smoked Bacon. It’s hard to go wrong with either, as smelling them in a sizzling hot pan is enough to make anyone excited to get up early. Just don’t be surprised if your neighbors suddenly drop by because of the appetizing aroma!  


Thanks to Bigg’s growing popularity, there are now plenty of ways to try them.  BIGGS Ready-To-Cook meals are available in major supermarkets in Metro Manila and in nearby cities like Bulacan, Batangas, Laguna, and Cavite. You can also buy directly from their  website, or through  online marketplaces and retailers if you prefer the convenience of home delivery.


To stay updated on the latest from BIGGS, follow them on  Facebook and  Instagram. Their culinary team is constantly working on new, delicious products, so you can expect more delicious meals from them in the future. They also run flash deals from time to time. You don’t want to miss those updates, so follow them now!



BIGGS Ready To Cook is the retail arm of the 38 year-old restaurant chain BIGGS. It is a line of easy, ready-to-cook frozen versions of the BIGGS’ bestsellers. It is owned and managed by BIGGS Inc and is present in over 50 supermarkets. In Manila, it’s digital distribution partner is Phenomenon Group Inc.


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