BIGGS Breakfast Staples: Tapa, Bacon, Breakfast Sausage, NY Franks

BIGGS Breakfast Staples

Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day. While some health experts may disagree with this statement, what’s not for debate is that most of us love breakfast food. After all, we live in a nation where 24-hour silog places thrive in every major city. 


So why do we love breakfast food so much? Maybe it’s the familiarity of it. Most of us grew up with breakfast meats like bacon, tapa, and hotdogs. They’re ingrained in our taste memories; a throwback to simpler times. They remind us of home, and give us a sense of comfort whenever we eat them. 


However, not all breakfast food is created equal. Most mass-market breakfast items are treated with chemical preservatives to increase their shelf life. And frankly, they just don’t taste as good as traditional ones thanks to an abundance of salt, extenders and artificial flavorings. 


For discerning breakfast lovers, there's a better alternative: BIGGS Breakfast Staples. 


The BIGGS Difference


So what makes them different? Well for starters, BIGGS isn’t a mass market meat producer. They started out as a restaurant, then became one of the first 24-hour diners in the Bicol region. This made them a go-to hub for breakfast among the locals. 





For 38 years and counting, many Bicolanos still eat their first meal of the day at BIGGS. Now thanks to wider availability, their restaurant-quality breakfast favorites are now accessible to Manila’s home cooks. 


The best-seller among their Breakfast Staples is the Tapa. BIGGS’ version uses 100% beef tenderloin, which is marinated to perfection with just brown sugar, meat tenderizer and rock salt. This gives it a clean, savory beef taste and a tender mouthfeel. With some eggs, garlic rice, and your favorite vinegar, you can have a great start to your morning or a nice, comforting dinner after a long day.

beef tapa

Of course, no breakfast staple lineup is complete without Bacon. BIGGS’ Smoked Bacon is made with pork belly, sugar, salt, and curing salt. It’s not unnaturally red like some mainstream brands are, and it tastes the way bacon is supposed to: porky, smokey and fatty without being too salty. It goes great with rice, but it also shines in sandwiches with some lettuce, mayo and tomato. 


Rounding up the lineup is their Chicken Breakfast Sausage and NY Franks. The sausage is made with ground chicken meat, thyme, ginger, paprika, white pepper, and water, giving it hints of spice and herbiness. They’re shaped like burger patties, and best eaten like them, inside toasted buns. Of course, they go well with rice too, and you can pair them with baked beans like the British do. 





Meanwhile, the New York Franks are like a major upgrade to your favorite hotdog. They’re made with pork, beef, salt, sugar, herbs, and spices--creating a nice, flavorful kick with every bite. You can eat them with rice, or in a bun with your preferred condiment for a super quick breakfast. 


BIGGS easy-prep Breakfast Staples are available in major supermarkets in Metro Manila and in nearby cities like Bulacan, Batangas, Laguna, and Cavite. You can also order directly from their  website, or through  online marketplaces and retailers if you prefer the convenience of home delivery. Try them out so you can have a great breakfast at any time of the day. 



Biggs Ready To Cook is the retail arm of the 38 year-old restaurant chain BIGGS. It is a line of easy, ready-to-cook frozen versions of the BIGGS’ bestsellers. It is owned and managed by BIGGS Inc and is present in over 50 supermarkets. In Manila, it’s digital distribution partner is Phenomenon Group Inc.


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