Biggs Breakfast Staples

Biggs Breakfast Staples

Imagine a BIGGS breakfast platter on an early Monday morning. The sound of sizzle and the savory smell wafting through your kitchen, slowly waking you up and tickling your sleepy senses. 

Enter BIGGS Ready-To-Cook breakfast packs. It’s easy to prepare, mouth-watering meals right in the comfort of your home. Just take it out of the freezer, fry it up, and you’re good to go! You’ll have a hearty morning spread every single day without any fuss. Take your pick from the diner’s crowd favorites: Classic Beef Tapa, Smoked Bacon, New York Franks, and Breakfast Sausage.

The Pinoy Breakfast Favorite

The Classic Beef Tapa pack is tender, marinated beef, a Pinoy breakfast staple that’s perfectly seasoned, slightly sweet, and deliciously garlicky. 

Complete your meal with a hearty serving of hot, steaming garlic fried rice, sunny side-up eggs, tangy atchara (pickled papaya), and vinegar on the side.



Crisp Bacon To Die For

The Smoked Bacon is pork belly strips made following the original family farm recipe. It’s smoked country-style, using aromatic guava leaves which gives a distinct earthy flavor. Quite different from most commercially-made bacon products in the supermarkets! 



You can fry up a couple of strips until crispy and serve with soft, fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup. You can also enjoy it with a hefty serving of pasta or even stack the strips into a BLT sandwich. Our Awesome Planet recommends baking them too!

A (Food) Trip To New York

The New York Franks is BIGGS’ take on the classic Manhattan franks. This is not the usual red hotdog you find in the grocery stores. 

Simply cook these franks in a pan or try using a grill pan for a juicier bite. Its unique taste will take your tastebuds on a trip to New York. Slip into a toasted bun for breakfast on the go or pair it with your favorite fried rice.



Chicken For Breakfast

The Breakfast Sausage is juicy chicken patties bursting in flavorful herbs. 

You can pair these tasty patties with a heap of pork and beans, a slice of bread, or some fried rice and eggs.



Taking Over Your Freezer With BIGGS Ready-To-Cook Meals

With over 38 years of serving consistently delicious food, BIGGS is no new player in the ever-changing casual dining scene. Bicolanos have flocked to BIGGS for their generous portion of heart-warming, comfort food that hits the spot every time, be it at the start of the day or the end of a long evening. 

Now, even with the pandemic, more and more people can cater to their comfort food craving at home with the BIGGS Ready To Cook meals.

Luisa Pefania, a BIGGS Ready-To-Cook customer, shares, “My kids love BIGGS’ Beef Tapa! It’s super delicious and easy to prepare! Perfect for a busy working mom like me.”

Alyssa Paredes via Facebook comments says, “Can’t get enough of BIGGS Bacon. Super crispy and juicy!”

Grab a delicious breakfast from BIGGS Ready-To-Cook. Available online and in selected Supermarkets all over Metro Manila and Bicol. 



Biggs Ready To Cook is the retail arm of the 38 year-old restaurant chain BIGGS. It is a line of easy, ready-to-cook frozen versions of the BIGGS’ bestsellers. It is owned and managed by BIGGS Inc and is present in over 50 supermarkets. In Manila, it’s digital distribution partner is Phenomenon Group Inc.

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